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We're Not Your Typical
Physical Therapy Clinic

Aries Physical Therapy was built on guiding principles that every client should receive world class individualized attention from a highly qualified therapist using the latest science backed treatment methods.

Treated by a Doctor Every Time

Ensure you are in the best hands possible at every visit. Unlike other clinics that will place you with an assistant or a tech after your initial visit, we ensure that a Doctor of Physical Therapy sees you at every visit.

Personalized Care

Most clinics treat their practices like a mill; "how many people can we cram into our space at once?". At Aries Physical Therapy we cap our doctors to two patients per hour maximum to ensure they are available to the patients to give them the best treatments for that day. Every person, every injury and every day is different so we ensure we adapt to these changes by keeping our eyes and ears on you to make changes to the plan instantly, cutting down on your overall time to recovery.

Maximize Treatment Time With Proven Techniques

Most clinics see so many patients that they have to do a lot of "filler" treatment to manage the load. They put you on heat for 20 minutes to start, and ice for 20 minutes to finish so that they only need to actually treat you for 20 minutes of the hour you are paying for. Not at Aries. At Aries Physical Therapy, we maximize your treatment time from start to finish with safe and effective treatment and no filler. Whether your session is 45 minute or 90 that time is going to be filled with the best care possible to get you better faster.

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