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More often than not it is actually cheaper overall. Many insurance plans have pretty similar benefits in and out of network once your deductible is hit so those costs will average out. Where the difference is really made is with the time you save coming to us since we are a high-end clinic providing more personalized care. If your per visit cost is 10% higher but you reduce your number of visits by 30% you save money overall.

If I don't know what is wrong, will the Physical Therapist be able to figure out my injury / problem?

In most cases, yes. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy our very skilled evaluators and given their comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics they can usually tell you exactly what tissues are damaged, what is leading to your pain as well as how to correct it. In cases where you do need further testing we have an extensive network of other medical professionals so we can send you to other top practitioners to get exactly what you need without wasting time.

You do not! In the state of Florida you can see a physical therapist for up to 30 days without a prescription. This is called direct access. This allows you to skip a step in the process and speed up your recovery by getting treated sooner.

We accept PPO plans from most major insurance companies as well as medicare and Tricare. We utilize your OON benefits in order to decrease your cost of care whenever possible. For those patients without OON benefits that still want to receive top level we also have single visit rates and package rates available.

Yes, all locations off free parking. Boca & Hollywood have parking lots, while Fort Lauderdale has a parking garage off 12th Ave with free first floor parking for clients/patients. There are also metered spaces along 12th and 11th Ave.

Not at all. Your doctor may refer you somewhere based on what he thinks is closest to you or a place they are affiliated with. However, your referral for physical therapy is an open referral to go wherever you desire.

If you are unsure if your problem would benefit from physical therapy the best solution is to schedule one of our FaceTime consultations. During this consultation we can dive in to what is going on with you and what caused it. From there we can determine if it is a problem best handled with physical therapy or not. If it is not, we can also direct you towards the best person/profession to address your issue. This will save you valuable time and effort as well as give you peace of mind.

Absolutely. Many of our patients come in strictly for wellness, maintenance or recovery services. This helps them to stay healthy, stay active and to reduce the risk of getting injured. These programs usually require less frequent visits but, they should be made at semi-regular intervals.

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