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Who We Are

Aries combines South Florida's best practitioners with unparalleled evidence based physical therapy.

World Class Physical Therapists

Dr. William Kelley and his staff of Doctors have decades of experience treating high performance athletes, corporate professionals, the young and the elderly.

State of the Art Treatment

Each patient’s plan of care is designed with the latest science and research-backed movements to go above and beyond standard physical therapy and help you get back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

Personalized Service

Unlike other physical therapy clinics, we have a strict limit of the number of patients a doctor sees. This means you get the individualized attention you need from our world class therapists.

What We Do

We specialize in the following:

Complete Injury Rehabilitation

Whether your injury was sustained from a sport, work, every day life, a car accident or surgery we have seen it and can help you overcome it.

Sports Performance Training

Get a competitive edge in the offseason or keep that edge during the season by working with our team to improve power, speed, agility, conditioning, and coordination.

Injury Prevention & Recovery

Help mitigate the risk of injury from sports, strenuous training and demanding activities with our prevention, recovery packages, and dry needling.

Peace Of Mind Consultations

Contact us to schedule a phone or FaceTime consultation.

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