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The Below prices are based on full cash pay rates for the affiliated services. Final prices will vary by individual based on insurance plan and/or eligible discounts. Services will not exceed the below listed prices in any scenario.

▶  Please be prepared to let us know on our setup call which type of appointment you are looking for to make sure we schedule you correctly.

  • FaceTime Consultation: $50

    • 20-30 minute Q&A Session to determine injury factors and provide insight towards necessary requirements for healing. The doctor may require you to perform certain movements in order to analyze and you may also ask any pertinent questions that may be weighing on your mind.

  • Physical Therapy Evaluation: $185

    • 60-75 minute session that covers the history of your injury, testing of the surrounding structures to determine what is at fault, formation of a comprehensive and specific plan, initial intervention with manual techniques and foundational corrective exercises to begin healing process and formation of Home Exercise Program (HEP) for client to do on non-therapy days.

  • Physical Therapy Treatment Session: $135

    • 45-60 minute session of manual therapy and exercise specifically designed for you and your unique injury.

  • Comprehensive Injury/Movement Screening: $185

    • A detailed injury and movement history followed by a full body evaluation of the healthy individual in order to locate structures and systems that aren't functioning optimally and could lead to injury or are limiting optimal performance.

  • Injury Prevention Session: $135

    • Requires a Comprehensive Injury/Movement Screening to be on file. This type of session consists of corrective movements and training in order to address deficits that could lead to injury. Manual therapy and exercise will be used in conjunction to address the underlying issues that could put you at risk for future injury. These sessions are also utilized with those who have recovered from injury and want to reduce the risk of suffering that injury again.

  • Recovery Sessions: $50-150

    • Individual or grouped services targeted at promoting recovery in the active individual. The main goal of these sessions is to help mitigate the wear and tear of weekly activity that leads to soreness, stiffness and fatigue. These sessions are utilized frequently on rest days in order to maximize the effects of those days.

  • Conditioning Assessment: $125

    • Consists of testing on two separate days in order to analyze cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular conditioning in order to maximize athletic efficiency and longevity. Heart rate measurements will be taken, body systems tested and movement analyzed as fatigue occurs in order to get a full view of your individual conditioning strengths and weaknesses.

  • Performance Training Session: $125

    • Requires a Comprehensive Injury/Movement Screening to be on file. This type of session consists of advanced movement and technique training in the fields of balance, power, agility, speed, coordination and sport/activity specific tasks in order to strengthen any weak links in the chain and create a well-rounded performer. These sessions are designed to improve you beyond your baseline abilities whether you are a professional athlete or a 90-year-old grandmother who wants to pick up her grandchildren with greater ease.

  • Continued Wellness Plan: $100/month

    • This is a self-driven plan that allows twice weekly sessions in the facility in which the doctor will be in the room but will not be assigned to you directly. The doctor and support staff will be present and supervising the area while attending to their patients. The doctor or support staff will still be able to assist you in setting up anything you may need help with and will be able to answer any questions you may have as long as it is not disruptive to the other patients.

  • Dry Needling - Full Session Only: $110

  • Dry Needling - Add on to Current Course of Physical Therapy: $45

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