All of our Physical Therapists have been COVID-19 vaccinated.

Dry Needling in Fort Lauderdale Area

Looking for a Chiropractor?

You most likely need a Physical Therapist instead. Here is why:

  • Chiropractic manipulations mostly just solve short-term relief, without fixing the root of the problem. PTs treat patients in a way to try to see them less frequently as time goes on, chiros function on a model that makes you more reliant on them as time goes on. Chiros just put a band-aid on so you have to keep coming back, while a PT will solve the actual issue.
  • PTs have a far greater knowledge of body movement and can do all of the same manipulations as chiros. We use the movements as a part of our comprehensive plan of care, not a stand alone treatment. We use manipulations in a less intrusive, safer way and then follow up with active treatments to sustain the short term relief manipulations provide.
  • PTs get their degrees from major, world-renowned universities. Most chiro schools are independent and privately owned entities with little oversight or regulation. Many people receive adverse events from going to chiropractors. PT is much safer. 

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