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At Aries Physical Therapy, our goal is to provide elite level physical therapy services regardless of the type of insurance a patient may have. We are happy to answer any questions about insurance coverage. As a courtesy to our patients, we file and process the claims directly with the insurance companies and try to facilitate payment. In the chance that we are unsuccessful, it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility for their bill. If your case is an on-the-job injury or a motor vehicle accident a third party payor may be responsible for full payment. We will file the claim with the appropriate insurance company but in cases of denials, disputes, or litigation, the bill is ultimately the responsibility of the patient.

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At Aries Physical Therapy we accept the following insurances:

  • Medicare

  • Tricare

  • Most Medical Insurance PPO Plans

Medical Insurance plans can be tricky and difficult to understand. You can always contact your insurance provider for them to explain your out of network benefits package to you. The only way for us to know for certain what your therapy benefits are is to schedule an appointment, which allows us to verify your benefits. At your appointment we can go over these benefits with you and answer any questions you may have.

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