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Athlete/Sports Physical Therapy

As an athlete you have a higher level of requirements when returning from injury. To achieve this higher level of function it takes a physical therapist with an additional level of skill and a plan of care with an extra layer of creativity. We pride ourselves on having this level of expertise to get you back on the field or court faster and more effectively.

As past athletes themselves our staff understands the effects of an athletic injury both physically and mentally. We get what you are going through so put your trust in us to help get you through it.

Even if you aren’t injured, athletes need to stay on top of their performance and keep their body in top shape to stay uninjured. We also work on these aspects of keeping you on the field and taking your game to the next level. We have an array of advanced balance, power, speed, agility and coordination drills geared specifically toward maximizing athletic performance of the individual.

Our staff members have all obtained their certification as Strength and Conditioning Specialists, the elite certification in athletic performance training. This translates into an unparalleled combination of skills in understanding injury and performance and meshes them into the best possible scenario to improve performance while minimizing injury risk factors.

As an athlete we require that you fill out our athlete questionnaire so that we can best address your current status and effectively tailor your care to your athletic needs.

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